Wonders of Curd during Pregnancy!

The moment you get to know that you are pregnant you start taking extra care of yourself, true, isn’t it? Pregnant women are often showered with different pregnancy health tips, such as to work less, eat this or that, etc. It’s pretty common to get that special attention.

When you are pregnant the most common advice you get is to drink milk for proper calcium intake but you cannot rely only on milk for the next nine months! What about all those taste buds cravings for spicy and cheesy food!

Some women do not like milk but still need to fulfill their need of calcium? Do we have another healthy & calcium providing food substitute? Yogurt or curd is a great way to get your daily intake of calcium! There are a lot of health benefits of curdduring pregnancy.

During pregnancy, it’s natural to crave for tangy and spicy food! So, what more can you get out of a bowl of plain curd? A lot! Let’s take a look at all the pregnancy healthy snacks which can be prepared with curd.

Dahi Bhalla
Don’t tell us you forgot this yummy Indian dish, to begin with. Dahi Bhalla is perfect for your cravings as it has that tangy flavor of tamarind chutney, the spiciness of green chutney and finger licking dry mango powder, and dahi is obviously added to it in the end. You can make this dish at home also or get it from your nearest chaat wala.

Dahi Kabab
Dahi Kabab is also known as Dahi ke kabab, it is a popular North Indian dish. This dish is made from hung curd and is spicy to start with. It contains a fair amount of curd and paneer is used as stuffing. This will surely satisfy your taste buds.

Dahi Aloo
Another delicious dish you can make with curd is “dahi aloo”; this is a healthy choice for you as this dish contains protein as well as zinc.

Tadka Dahi
This dish is also made with hung curd and is tempered with onions, tomatoes, red chilies, Kasuri methi, and curry leaves this dish will give your taste buds the kick they’re looking for.

Low-Fat Dahi Chicken
Chicken is good for health especially when you are eating for two! The base ingredient of this Indian dish is dahi. This dish is high in protein, and low in carbohydrates!

Note: Pregnancy health care is kept in mind while suggesting these dishes.

The time has changed now; we have a lot of healthy choices in curd alone to choose. Let’s take a look at what are they:

Verka Plain Dahi: We have plain Verka Dahi made with utmost quality standard, brimmed with the goodness of calcium.
Shahi Dahi: Shahi Dahi is creamy, thick, and contains good bacteria that help to survive digestive juices and boosts digestion.
Jeera Raita: Jeera Raita is made from pasteurized milk and is ideal for daily consumption.

You can buy Verka Dahi at your nearest Verka booth or local market. Explore the range of Verka products, here.