Why have milk and dairy products for breakfast?

Are you skipping milk in your breakfast by choice or because of lack of time?

Having milk for breakfast adds calcium and high-quality protein as well as other essential nutrients to your diet. Getting these vitamins and minerals first thing in the morning helps kick start on your nutrient requirements for the day.

Dairy for Kids:
Think about a child who skipped his breakfast and has not eaten for past 10-12 hours and is trying to focus in school. Breakfast is an important meal of the day that fuels kids with energy and nutrients that helps make them concentrate and perform well during the day. Milk also promotes bone health and kids overall growth & development. Studies show that those who have dairy products and milk for breakfast regularly, get more nutrients than those who don’t.

If you/your child is not happy having milk for breakfast, take a look at these nutritional dairy breakfast recipes and ideas:

  1. Eggs: This is definitely on top of the list of nutritional breakfast ideas. Make scrambled eggs with milk; add salt, pepper, capsicum and your other favorite veggies.
  2. Oats: Cook oats in milk and add some fruits, nuts and a little honey. And, your dairy breakfast is ready in a few minutes!
  3. Grilled Sandwich: Take whole grain bread; add some veggies, paneer and cheese spread. And your dose of dairy is added to the breakfast!
  4. Smoothie: Take some milk, add yogurt and your favorite fruit into a blender and smoothie milk for breakfast is ready.

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