Verka Kheer – The Best Alternate for Traditional Sweets & Creamy Desserts

Kheer is the most endearing sweet dish in India and as mentioned in the Ayurveda. Kheer was also a part of the ancient Indian diet. Rice Kheer is also served as an offering to god to show respect and love. It has different names in different parts of the country. If we look back, it has been proven that kheer was a part of the ancient Indian diet. Romans used the sweet kheer dessert as a stomach coolant and also, as a detox diet.

Health benefits of Rice Kheer

  1. When Rice Kheer is made with natural ingredients, it is very healthy and comes across as a better alternative to other sweet treats. It has fewer calories and offers 4 grams of protein. Every 5-ounce serving provides a small amount of both vitamin A and vitamin C. Also, it’s a good source of calcium and low in cholesterol.
  2. It has a cooling effect on the body, which is helpful in the summer when the pitta dosha (the subtle energy that controls metabolism and can cause us to overheat) dominates.
  3. Rice is a great source of carbohydrates which helps in restoring your glycogen that gets depleted from the muscles after exercising.
  4. Milk that is one of the main rice kheer ingredients contains proteins and carbohydrates that help your body assimilate the amino acids which are required to perform all its important tasks.
  5. It can help you lose weight as well and is the best alternative for coffee or tea since it is very light.

Note: Avoid kheer or take in less quantity if you have poor digestion.

Verka Kheer is available in two flavours; traditional and kesar. Verka Kheer as a dessert is extremely delicious and when served chilled, there is no alternative to this delicacy. We all know that nothing can beat the insatiable pleasure derived from sweet delicacies especially during festivals. But, we all are aware that how adulterated sweets are being sold in the market especially during festivals that are harmful to our health. Therefore, Verka kheer is a healthy alternative to traditional sweets and creamy desserts like burfi, gulab jamun, ice cream, but like most desserts, should only be enjoyed on special occasions.

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