Verka Cow Milk: The Best has Arrived!

Cow Milk has been known for its various health benefits and with increasing awareness, the demand for cow’s milk has also increased. The cow milk contains great amount of vitamins and minerals. Freshly drawn cow’s milk is yellowish white opaque liquid with sulphur which is a tonic for brain therefore, making a person mentally alert and physically agile.

For Infants, breast milk is best in the first 6 months of life, but in the absence of mother’s milk; cow milk should be preferred over buffalo. The percentage of volatile and soluble acids is greater in cow ghee, and consequently it is more easily digested. Therefore, cow milk, being easily digestible, is more beneficial to patients than buffalo milk.

Cow milk has less protein content than buffalo milk. The high protein makes the milk heavy and thus difficult to digest for infants and older population. 100ml of cow’s milk contains 70Kcals whereas 100ml of buffalo’s milk contains 100Kacls. So people who are on calorie restricted diet are again here advised to have cow’s milk to cut down the calorie consumption in the diet.

In addition, Dairy products especially milk is richly supplied with outstanding nutrients that are helpful for growth of fetus and health of pregnant mother. It is recommended for pregnant women to consume at least 3 cups of milk or other dairy products per day.

Verka launches its Cow Milk variant on October 1, 2016 at Rs. 42 per litre (500ml for Rs21). Verka’s cow milk is hygienically packed and homogenized milk with 4% fat. This variant will be available in Tricity (Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali), Jalandhar and Ludhiana. Furthermore, Verka will be expanding its cow milk supply to other areas of Punjab as well. 

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