Top 5 Ice Cream Flavours Best To Be Stocked In Refrigerator This Summer

Summers are here and we all know that it doesn’t really feel like summer has come until we have our first ice cream scoop!

Are you one of those who gets random ice cream carvings even in the middle of the night?
From fruity to zesty sorbet and from milky to tangy, here are top 5 ice cream flavours from Verka that are must try and should definitely be stocked in your refrigerator this summer:

  1. Roasted Almond: Once you taste this flavor, it will make you crave it forever! With a nutty crunch of roasted almonds, you also get the goodness of Vitamin E and other essential nutrients present in the almonds. Roasted almond has the best taste among the other ice cream flavours with nuts. Serving this ice cream to your guests will surely get you loads of brownie points.
  2. Pista: If you’re a big fan of pistachios, you’ll have a hard time sharing this ice cream with anyone. Pista ice cream tastes best when served simply in a cup or a cone during a lunch break or even a park walk.
  3. Cola, Milky and Orange Candy bars: If you’re feeling playful and want to revive old childhood days when an ice cream wala use to sell cola, orange and milky candies at our doorsteps, these are your go-to best ice cream flavours to beat the summer heat!
  4. Chocó Chips: What more could possibly be better on a sweltering day than a refreshing scoop of a choco chips ice cream! Loaded with crunchy chocó chips and with the goodness of fresh verka milk, Verka chocó chips ice cream is an ultimate flavor.
  5. Mango: Summer is the season of mangoes! If you are craving mangoes and you are out of these, then Verka Mango ice cream should definitely be stocked in your refrigerator. Mango is one of the best ice cream flavours sold by Verka in summers.

These are the best ice cream flavours sold by Verka that will bring glory to every occasion whether it’s a housewarming party or any other party; when you share these ice creams with your guests, don’t be surprised if they ask for a second ice cream scoop!

Verka ice creams are manufactured hygienically and prepared from fresh milk and other superior quality ice cream ingredients. You can explore all the Verka ice cream bricks, tubs, and other available packing here.