Tasty UHT Milk in India with Nutritional Benefits and Cartons Packaging for Long Shelf Life

In India, milk is considered the primary source of nutrition for everyone, especially growing children. To maintain milks nutritional value and long shelf life, UHT milk is produced.

What is the meaning of UHT milk?
UTH milk is ultra-high temperature milk prepared by processing the milk at high temperatures to get rid of pathogens. This process is used to produce shelf-stable milk preserved with nutrients without adding any preservatives.

Verka offers the best quality and hygienically packed UHT milk in India in 4 variants; Fresh+, Standard, Toned, and Double Toned. Verka UHT milk tastes delicious as it is homogenised milk and thus has a unique thick texture; creamier, smoother and silkier.

UHT Milk Benefits & Features of Verka UHT Milk:

  1. Free from airborne microbes
  2. No need to boil
  3. Cut open and drink UHT milk packaging
  4. No need to refrigerate until open
  5. Packaged in pre-sterilized tetra pack containers
  6. Stays fresh up to 1 day after opening if kept in the refrigerator
  7. Easy to carry and use while travelling
  8. No preservatives and chemicals are added during its manufacturing process

Verka Fresh+ Milk
Verka Fresh+ UHT milk nutrition is fortified with vitamins A & D.  Fresh+ milk provides essential vitamins that boost energy and ensures good health. This UHT milk packaging comes in a 500 ml finopack with a UHT milk shelf life of 100 days.

Verka Standard UHT Milk
Verka Standard UHT Milk meets the FSSAI standards. These UHT milk cartons come in a 1000 ml (1L) tetra pack with a UHT milk shelf life of 180 days. UHT milk preserves the goodness of milk by keeping the cream intact.

Verka Toned UHT Milk
Verka Toned UHT milk is excellent for tea and coffee as well as for preparing sweets and desserts. These UHT milk cartons come in 1000 ml tetra pack that is easy to carry even when travelling as compared to traditional pouch milk. Verka Toned UHT milk shelf life is 180 days from the date of packaging when stored in a cool and dry place.

Verka Double Toned UHT Milk
Verka Double Toned UHT Milk is ideal for health conscious people as this milk is low in fat. Verka Double Toned Homogenized milk stays fresh up to 1 day if kept in the refrigerator after opening. This UHT milk shelf life is 180 days and this too comes in a 1000 ml tetra packaging.

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