Spread Happiness With Verka Cheese Spread!

Summer time is here and a long weekend in August is about to arrive. All of you must have made plans with your friends and family for a vacation, picnic, pool-party, or maybe a house warming. It’s high time you try something new and give your taste buds as well as your guests a cheesy treat!

Verka Cheese Spread takes your food menu to another level with its 5 lip smacking flavors! Take a look at them below:

Spiced Cheese Spread:
Plain paranthas are prepared in every Indian kitchen and can be given a twist with Verka Spiced Cheese Spread. If you are travelling, all you need to do is roll your parantha with a layer of spiced Cheese Spread and satisfy your hunger pangs on the go!

Plain Cheese Spread:
This is a classic flavor that can be added to any dish like toasts, pasta, pizza, etc. These days’ kids are seen munching on a lot of chips, crispies and Nachos; and Verka Cheese Spreads can be served as a dip to make it more appetizing! This classic Verka product is one of the top selling milk products in Punjab this season!

Garlic Cheese Spread:
Verka Garlic Cheese Spread is a must try and will make you will fall in love with its creamy texture and garlic aroma. This spread can help you make cheesy garlic bread; all you need to do is apply a thick layer of this spread on your bread and bake it, it’s as easy as that!

Black Pepper Cheese Spread:
Black Pepper is considered as one of the vital spices in the Indian Kitchen. Black Pepper Cheese Spread can bring an extra punch to your meal making every bite worth it!

Red Chili Flakes Cheese Spread:
A cheese spread to add an extra punch to your meal. If you’re a big fan of red chilly and likes your meal to be extra spicy and cheesy then this is the flavor that you need to check out.

Verka Cheese spread is prepared from fresh Verka milk and has a unique aroma and creamy texture that makes it truly irresistible. We think it tastes best when consumed with crunchy bread, crispy potato fries or even nachos.

All the variants are easily available at all Verka stores, booths and milk bars with a shelf life of 4 months from the date of manufacturing!

Check out the nutritional value, composition and other details here!