Sources of Vitamin D Rich Foods and Supplements – Benefits & Deficiency

Are you getting enough of vitamin D? These days a lot of people, especially women, are diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency. The lack of Vitamin D can result from various factors such as insufficient exposure to sunlight, daily diet and absorption of nutrients by the body.

Benefits of Vitamin D:
Vitamin D plays a major role in boosting the body’s absorption of various vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and phosphate. This in turn promotes healthy skin, weight loss, strong bones and proper brain functioning.

Vitamin D Deficiency:
Deficiency of Vitamin D causes many diseases in both children as well as adults. Rickets is mainly diagnosed in young children characterised by bowed legs, delayed motor development and stunted growth.

On the other hand, osteomalacia is diagnosed in adults characterized by the softening, weakening, and demineralization of bones. Also, Vitamin D deficiency for a long term can lead to osteoporosis and vulnerability to get fractures.

There are Vitamin D rich foods that can help you boost your Vitamin D levels naturally, check out some mentioned below.

  1. Fish
    Fish is high in vitamin D especially the fatty ones. Salmons have high portions of Vitamin D. However, you can also prefer other options such as tuna, trout, shrimps, and mackerel. In addition to vitamin D, having fish gets healthy omega 3 fatty acids!
  2. Eggs
    Most of the protein is found in egg whites while the fat, vitamins, and minerals are found in egg yolk. Therefore it is important to use the whole egg and not just whites.
  3. Mushrooms
    Mushrooms are the only plant source of Vitamin D. Wild mushrooms have a high amount of Vitamin D as they are exposed to sunlight and they synthesize this vitamin when exposed to UV. Including mushrooms in your daily meals can bring a significant rise in the Vitamin D levels and can help you beat the Vitamin D deficiency.
  4. Cheese
    Cheese is one of the top foods that are high in Vitamin D. Amongst others, Ricotta cheese provides Vitamin D in maximum quantities.
  5. Milk
    Whether its low fat, full fat, flavoured or cow milk, all types of dairy milk are excellent sources of Vitamin D. In addition, it also provides other essential nutrients including Vitamin B, Vitamin A, protein, calcium, phosphorus and many other nutrients.
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Note: Vitamin D supplements should be used under the doctor’s recommendation only. Also, do consult your nutritionist before increasing or decreasing the quantity of any Vitamin D rich food in your diet.

Apart from these, consider taking cod liver oil and make sure you get enough sun exposure to lash out vitamin d deficiency from your life!