Relish the taste of summer with Verka Flavoured Milk

Verka flavored milk is packed with nine essential nutrients; calcium, protein, vitamins A, D, and B12, potassium, phosphorus, niacin and riboflavin. These flavored milk drinks serve as a healthy alternate to carbonated beverages. Verka sweetened flavored milk drinks has a perfect combination of taste and health, conveniently available in a bottle.

Here are 10 Verka flavored milk drinks for toddlers/kids, teens and also for young and adults. 

  • Butterscotch: Quench your thirst and get energized anytime by taking a sip of this extremely delicious butterscotch milk. Butterscotch milk is one of the top-selling beverages from Verka Pio flavored milk range.
  • Elaichi: Cardamom is the queen of spices and having this Elaichi flavored milk can help you get rid of heartburn and indigestion problems. Elaichi milk is aromatic, therefore can also help refresh your mouth’s taste and provides a fresh breath as well.
  • Strawberry: If you love strawberries, you will be in love with the Verka strawberry milk. This is a scrumptious flavor that comes in a bright pink packaging and serves as one of the best summer drinks for a kid’s birthday party.
  • Pista: Pistachios are a rich source of protein, fats, fiber and various other nutrients. Having Pista milk can keep your gut healthy, lower the cholesterol and blood sugar levels and might also help in weight loss.
  • Badam: Almond milk is considered a healthy beverage in India and is consumed hot by many people before going to the bed. Almond milk is much low in fat but high in energy, fiber and protein. It contains minerals such as calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, sodium and potassium. Being rich in all the above nutrients, Verka almond flavored milk provides various benefits for a healthy body.
  • Chocolate: Chocolate milk is everyone’s favorite since childhood and has become an adult staple for its many health benefits, one of it being an ideal recovery beverage after workouts. Also, it is seen that chocolate milk is tolerable for those who are lactose intolerant.
  • Thandai: Verka Thandai flavored milk has a perfect combination of spicy and sweet taste. Whenever there is a change in the weather, our body is prone to loss of energy, catching a cold and indigestion. Thus, thandai is advised by the elderly as it is loaded with spices which help increase immunity and fights infections. Verka thandai is a perfect summer beverage that is not just healthy but tasty too.
  • Ginger Honey: If you are one of those who love ginger in their food and tea, you are definitely going to like the Verka Ginger Honey flavored milk. It has a tempting taste that will leave you asking for more.
  • Cold Coffee: For all the cold coffee lovers and addicts, now you need not worry about how to prepare and have it on the go as Verka brings to you Pio in Cold Coffee favour that can be cherished anytime and anywhere.
  • Kesar: Kesar is an effective tonic to beat the cold and fever. It is also known to increase memory, treat insomnia and other allergies. Verka Pio Kesar flavor comes in a 200 ml packaging that can be enjoyed on any occasion.

Verka Pio is one of the best known flavored milk brands in India. All the Verka Pio flavored milk drinks are hygienically packed in state of art facilities and also meet the requisite FSSAI standards. All the flavors are available throughout Punjab, Chandigarh Tricity and selective areas of Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and New Delhi. To explore other Verka milk products, please visit: