Bhojpuri Basics

Atta, sugar, sooji and ghee. It can’t get more basic than that ! These staple ingredients get together to create ‘Thekua’, a rustic cookie that has a ancient Bhojpuri connect. It is a popular snack, prepared during chhath puja in Bihar and its neighbouring states.Very often, a wooden mould is used to create a pretty pattern across the surface of the cookie. Made with good, wholesome Verka Ghee, these crispy, crumbly and delicious thekua will keep well for several weeks if placed in an air tight container.


• 1¼ cup atta

• 1¼ tbsp desiccated coconut

• 3 tbsp sooji

• ¼ cup powdered sugar

• 4¼ tbsp Verka Ghee

• ¾-1 tsp elaichi powder

• Oil for frying


• Use a deep bowl and mix together the atta,coconut, sooji, sugar and elaichi powder.

• Add ghee evenly across the surface, then blend it in lightly with your fingertips.

• When the mixture looks crumbly add water, a little at a time and knead it into a stiff dough.

• Set up oil for frying and roll out half the dough into a thick disc (½ inch)

• Use a cookie cutter to stamp out circles of dough.

• Fry them till they are golden brown and crisp.

• Remove from the oil, then repeat the process with the remaining dough.

• Drain and cool the thekuas, pop them into your mouth or into a cookie jar ! Bon Appetit !

Note : For the calorie conscious, try baking a batch in the oven at 180 degrees C for 10-12 minutes.You may replace sugar with jaggery (gud ) in this recipe. You can score a pretty design on them with a fork. A pizza cutter can easily be used instead of a cookie cutter to make square pieces.