Shahi Tukra using Verka Milk Powder

Shahi Tukra

Shahi Tukra using Verka Milk Powder

The summer days are behind us and we happily herald the balmy autumn weather! Our food preferences also shift away from ice cream and cold drinks towards richer sweets and warm foods. My mantra is that homemade is always healthier, more hygienic and economical. I always keep Verka MilkPowder handy in my kitchen cupboard. It can make the most magical sweets in minimal time! Shahi Tukra is a Hyderabadi Saugaat, so simple yet satisfying. It is like a home style jalebi, cooked in the goodness of Verka Ghee! Verka Milk Powder makes a jhattpat rabri substitute!

Shahi Tukra – Jhattpat Andaaz


• 10-12 slices bread
• ½ cup grain sugar
• 1-2 green elaichis
• 1 cup Verka Milk Powder
• 3-4 tbsp powdered sugar
• 1½ cornflour
• 3 tbsp thick cream
• ¾ cup Verka Milk
• 4-5 tbsp dried fruit (almond, pista, cashew)
• Verka Ghee for frying

• Use a deep pan, add ¾ cup water, crushed elaichi and the sugar. • Bring to a boil, then reduce the flame and cook further to make a light syrup. Cool.
• Set up a frying pan with Verka Ghee. Slice the bread into triangles and fry them till golden and crisp. Remove from ghee and drain on kitchen towels.
• Lower bread triangles into the cooled syrup. Press down to submerge.
• In another bowl, add Verka Milk Powder, powdered sugar and cornflour. Add milk and cream, then cook on a low heat till thick and creamy like rabdi. Cool.
• Gently transfer the crispy, syrupy bread on to a flat plate or tray.
• Pour the rabdi over the bread slices and garnish with chopped nuts. Serve cold or at room temperature.

Note: Do not soak the bread in the syrup for too long. It will get soggy. Just 5-6 minutes is enough. I prefer a thicker rabdi that I spread on to every slice of bread. If you like that too, reduce the milk quantity. Add less sugar in the rabdi, if you so desire. The milk powder is also lending a sweetness to it. A few strands of kesar can also be added for a royal touch!