Paneer Pudina Tikka

Paneer Pudina Tikka

Verka Paneer has the ultimate rich and creamy texture which makes a a delightful batch of tikkas. My personal favourite is a minted version which makes a mouthwatering starter. Once marinated with Verka Dahi and other flavourful ingredients, it takes very little time to cook it to perfection. Verka Butter adds more ‘mazaa’ to the final creation !



  • 650 gm Verka Dahi
  • 200-250 gm Verka Paneer
  • 1 tsp garlic paste
  • 1½ tsp ginger paste
  • ½-1 green chilli, crushed
  • ½ cup coriander leaves
  • 1 cup fresh mint leaves
  • 1 tsp ‘kasoori methi’
  • 1½ tbsp ‘besan’
  • ¾ tsp ‘ajwain’
  • ½ tsp powdered ‘jeera’
  • ½ tsp black salt plus more to taste
  • 2 tbsp Verka Butter



  • Roast the besan with ½ tbsp of Verka Butter. Brown lightly, remove and keep aside.
  • Use a muslin cloth to hang the dahi till most of the water drains. You should have a cupful of thick dahi left.
  • Blend the fresh coriander and mint leaves to a paste.
  • Mix together the thick dahi, green paste, salt, ‘kala namak’. ‘kasoori methi’, jeera powder, ‘ajwain’ and ginger, garlic and chili pastes.
  • Cut the Verka Paneer into even sized cubes and toss into the marinade. Mix gently and keep covered for 30-40 minutes.
  • Now you could melt butter in a heavy pan, toss the paneer pieces in it and stir fry for 5-6 minutes.
  • As an alternative, you could grill the paneer cubes directly under the grill, or on skewers. Baste with melted butter and turn a few times.
  • For an instant snack, arrange the paneer on a platter, drizzle with butter and microwave on high for 2-3 minutes.
  • Serve hot with a chutney or tomato ketchup.


Note : You can also add square chunks of capsicum and tomato to the marinade. Skewer or arrange alternately and cook by your chosen method. You can replace green chili paste with chilli sauce, and garlic paste with a little chilli garlic sauce.