Paneer Frankie

Paneer Frankie

Wrap it Up!

We always look for new avatars of ingredients to create interesting recipes. Frankies are another style of serving a ‘chapatti’ which wraps around a filling to make an innovative and easy to eat packet. It’s an easy way to smuggle veggies into your children’s’ diet! Frankies make an excellent snack to pack into a tiffin box. Going for a picnic or watching a match on TV, prep some Frankies ahead of time, pop them into a casserole, and enjoy a fuss-free, all-in-one meal!


Paneer Frankie Ingredients:

  • ½ cup each of chopped tomato and on
  • 3 tbsp Verka Butter
  • Chilli sauce, salt, and tomato sauce to taste
  • ¼ cup each of sliced carrots, cabbage, and capsicum
  • 3-4 chapattis



  • Heat 1.5 tbsp of Verka Butter in a pan and saute the onions.
  • Add tomatoes, capsicum, and a little salt. Cook till they are tender but still crunchy.
  • Add diced Verka Paneer, chilli sauce, and a little tomato sauce. Toss to warm through and turn off the heat.
  • Warm each chapatti and smear lightly with Verka Butter.
  • Scatter some carrots and cabbage over each chapatti. Then arrange a scoop of cooked paneer over them.
  • Spread the goodies across the length of the chapatti, top with a drizzle of tomato sauce, roll firmly, and secure with a toothpick.
  • Serve warm with chutney or tomato sauce.


Note: You can replace tomato ketchup with soy sauce for a change of flavour. If you are planning to pack and carry along, wrap the Frankies in a foil or grease-proof paper. As a variation, use crisp lettuce and grated Verka Cheese instead of raw veggies.