Methi ke Paranthey

Methi ki Mauj

Paranthas are the ultimate comfort food, filling the tummy and so fulfilling and satisfying ! Depending on seasonal availability, we prepare them with numerous stuffings at different times of the year. My all time winter favs are methi paranthas. The sharp bitterness of the deep green leaves marries so perfectly with pure desi ghee from Brand Verka. Tangy pickle adds the tantalising touch to the mouthful of flavour !

Methi ke Paranthey

• 1½ cups washed and chopped methi leaves (tightly packed)

• 2 cups atta

• 7-8 tbsp Verka Ghee

• 5 tbsp Verka Dahi

• ¾ tsp whole ‘ajwain’ seeds (carom)

• ½ tsp jeera powder and chili powder

• Salt to taste


• Use a ‘paraat’ and mix together the ‘atta’, salt, ‘ajwain, ‘jeera’ and chili powders.

• Scatter the methi leaves in, then mix well.

• Warm 2 tbsp of Verka Ghee and sprinkle over the dry ingredients.

• Beat the Verka Dahi and pour evenly over the ‘paraat’.

• Swirl through with your fingertips and knead, adding more water to make a soft dough.

• Cover with a moist cloth and allow it to rest for 30 minutes.

• Use the dough to roast paranthas on the ‘tava’, smearing each side with Verka Ghee.

• Serve with pickle and a bowl of Verka Dahi. Enjoy !

Note: You can also combine grated ‘mooli’ with the ‘methi’ for the paranthas. The correct amount of salt in the dough is very important or else the end product will seem bitter. Here’s a trick. Flatten a small knob of dough between your fingertips and microwave for a few seconds. Taste it to check salt. If it seems deficient, scatter some more on to the dough and knead it in again.