Gud Meva ke Laddu

Gud Meva ke Laddu

Warm Wonders

In winter, jaggery (gud) is commonly used to make many delicacies. When combined with dried fruits, it gives us an added warmth and nourishment. Make this ‘sardi ki saugaat’ with ‘khaalis’ Verka Ghee for extra taste and health benefits.


• 2 cups chopped ‘gud’ (600 gm)
• ½ cup cashewnuts
• 1 cup almonds
• ¾ cup desiccated coconut
• 1 cup ‘gond’ broken into small pieces
• 1¼ cup Verka Ghee
• 1½ cup ‘atta’
• 8 ‘elaichis’


• Chop the almonds and cashewnuts, break up the gud into smaller lumps, peel and powder the elaichis
• Heat ¼ cup of ghee in a heavy pan, then fry the ‘gond’ in batches. Drain when it puffs up. Keep it aside.
• Add some more ghee to the pan and roast the ‘atta’ till fragrant and tinged slightly brown.
• Remove the ‘atta’ on to a plate, add the remaining ghee to the pan and tip in the broken ‘gud’.
• Cook the ‘gud’ till it melts into a molten brown syrup.
• Now transfer the ‘atta’, dry fruits, elaichi, coconut and ‘gond’ into the melted gud. Mix thoroughly.
• Lift out even sized portions of the mixture and shape into smooth spheres.
• If you like, you can press a whole cashew or an almond into the surface of each laddu.
• Serve with a warming smile to match!

Note: Dried ginger powder (sonth) can be added at the final stage before shaping. Before mixing, you can also quick fry all the dry fruits for an extra crunch.