Ready to Eat Lohri Sweets, Snacks, and Milk Products Online

Verka wishes everyone a very Happy Lohri!

Lohri is a famous festival celebrated in Northern India, especially Punjab. This festival is celebrated with tradition, passion and enthusiasm with various perceptions to celebrate it. For some it depicts the departure of winters and for some this day is marked to pray for healthy harvest of grains. Whatever the beliefs may be, this day depicts the most wonderful start for a new year and the main theme of Lohri is the cultural celebration of the winter solstice.

Verka is one of the leading ready to eat food manufacturers in Punjab and emphasises on authenticity and includes all traditional ready to eat snacks and sweets which represent the fun, celebration and energy; the characteristic of the region!

Lohri is of utmost importance for newlywed and new-borns, especially in Punjabi families. With huge bonfires lit outside the houses, people gather around to throw popcorn and sesame seeds into the fire.  After this, people meet and greet each other by exchanging gifts and sweets such as gajaks and rewris.

Lohri is incomplete without the song “Sundar, Mundariye…Tera Kaun Vicharaa” similarly is incomplete without lohri sweets. Here’s our top pick of ready to eat lohri sweets which are best sellers and perfect to beat the winter chills on Lohri night.

  1. Gur Rewri
    Verka Gur Rweri will floor you with its perfect crunchy taste. Gur Rewri is prepared with high quality jaggery and other quality ingredients to make it melt smoothly in the mouth.
  2. Til Patti Gajak
    With perfect crunch and sugary delight, Verka til patti gajak is irresistibly yummy for Punjabi sweet tooth and exactly what you need when the winter food carvings strike!
  3. Ground Nut Gajak
    Often called Chikki; Verka groundnut gajak is an ideal winter snack with a nutty peanut flavour. This is one of the best sellers and people loves to relish it with steaming hot tea during cold days.

In addition to this, Verka has a wide range of ready to eat sweets like Milk Cake, Peda, Panjiri, Kaju Burfi and many more traditional Indian sweets that are prepared in hygienic conditions and packaged in festive boxes! Explore the entire range of ready to eat products and lohri sweets online here.