Ration balancing is the process to balance the level of various nutrients for an animal, from the available feed resources, to meet its nutrient requirements for maintenance, production and optimal growth.

Under NDP-I, Milkfed is implementing the Ration Balancing Programme in its milkshed areas of Ropar, Ludhiana and Jalandhar. A sum of Rs. 519.70 lacs (100% Grant) under NDP-1 has been provided for giving demonstrations of Ration Balancing Programme to the Milk Producers of the milkshed area of Ropar, Ludhiana and Jalandhar. A user-friendly software for ration balancing has been prepared that is being used by dedicated local resource persons (LRPs.)

The LRP trained by the Unions to effectively use the software in the local language involves assessing nutrient status of animals, chemical composition of locally available feed resources, nutrient requirement of animals and formulating least cost ration using locally available resources.

Benefits of Ration Balancing Programme:

  • Uses locally available feed resources to balance the ration of animals at least cost.
  • Increases milk production with more fat and solids-not-fat.
  • Helps increase the net daily income.
  • Improves reproduction efficiency.
  • Helps reduce inter-calving period, thereby increasing the productive life of animals.
  • Improves the general health of animals.
  • Improves the growth rate in calves leading to early maturity.
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