National Dairy Development Board, which is the leading development agency, has proposed a draft of 102 Million tonnes to meet the projected demand of 180 Million tonnes by 2021-22.

The National Dairy Plan Will Focus on:
i) Productivity measures to enhance milk production as the average annual increment production will have to increase from 2.5 million tonnes now to 5 Million Tonnes over the next 15 years, and
ii) Strengthening and expanding infrastructure to procure process and market milk through existing and new institutional structure.
iii) The plan proposed to increase the share of organized sectors in milk production to 65% from the current 30% to ensure supply of quality milk to consumers.
iv) Under National Dairy Plan Phase-1 Project, Project Steering committee has approved the following sub-project plans for Milk Union during the year 2013-14 as detailed below:-

1. Ration Balancing Programme Milk Union, Ropar, Jalandhar & Ludhiana
2. Fodder Development Programme Milk Union, Ropar, Ludhiana & Jalandhar.
3. Village based Milk Procurement System Milk Union, Patiala, Faridkot, Ferozepur, Ropar & Ludhiana.

The main focus of NDP, Phase-1 which will continue up till 2017-18 is to enhance productivity of milch animals. During the year 2013-14, approved project cost of above project was Rs. 428.96 lacs with a grant of Rs. 319.38 lacs. Milk Unions had received a grant of Rs. 272.00 lacs for implementation of the above subject project plans during the year 2013-14. During 2015-16, more milk unions were covered under the above programmes.