Govt. of India have formulated a new scheme “National Project for Bovine Breeding and Dairy Development (NPBBDD)” by merging the existing four schemes, i.e. National Project for Cattle and Buffalo Breeding (NPCBB), Intensive Dairy Development Programme (IDDP), Strenghthening infrastructure for Quality and Clean Milk Production (SIQ-CMP) and Assistance to Cooperatives (A to C). The objectives of the new scheme having two components namely National Programme for Bovine Breeding and National Programme for Dairy Development which is as under:

National Programme for Bovine Breeding (NPBB):

  1. To arrange quality Artificial Insemination services at farmer doorstep;
  2. To bring all breedable females under organised breeding through Artificial Insemination or natural service using germ plasm of high genetic merits;
  3. to conserve, develop and proliferate selected indigenous bovine breeds of high socio-economic importance;
  4. To provide quality breeding inputs in breeding tracts of important indigenous breeds so as to prevent the breeds from deterioration and extinction;

National Programme for Dairy Development (NPDD):

  1. To create and strengthen infrastructure for production of quality milk including cold chain infrstructure linking the farmer to the consumer;
  2. to create and strengthen infrastructure for procurement, processing and marketing of milk;
  3. To create training infrastructure for training of dairy farmers;
  4. To strengthen dairy cooperative societies/Producer companies at village level;
  5. to increase milk production by providing technical input services like cattlefeed and mineral mixture etc.
  6. to assist in rehabilitation of potentially viable milk federations/unions;


Under NPDD funding pattern is 50% for the following components in National Dairy Plan (NDP) states (Punjab is NDP state) as under”

  1. Installation of bulk milk coolers;
  2. Milk processing and marketing infrastructure;
  3. Milk powder plants;

For other components under NDDP, grant will be 100%.