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About Verka Shahi Dahi: Verka Shahi dahi stands apart from traditional dahi due to its rich texture and body. Made with Pasteurized Standard Milk with 4.5% fat, Verka Shahi dahi brings the best taste of dahi with its rich benifits. Your favourite parantha will taste best with Verka Shahi dahi. It is also an ideal ingredient to make raita, Karrhi, Dahi Bhalle, Dahi chaat and marination of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes.

Packing*: Polystyrene cup : 400g

Product specifications:
Ingredients: Milk ,Milk Solids & Active Lactic Culture.
Composition:  MILK SNF (min): 10.5%
MILK FAT (min): 4.5 %

Nutritional InformationPer 100g*
Energy Value (kcal)79
Total Fat (g)4.5
Saturated fat (g)2.9
Trans Fat (g)0.0
Cholesterol (mg)10.8
Total carbohydrate (g)5.9
Added Sugar(g)0.0
Protein (g)3.7
Minerals (g)0.9
*Approximate Value