A perfect way to keep fit and stay immune!!

Product Feature: Haldi dudh, also known as Golden milk is touted for its immense health benifits and immunity boosting characteristics. It metabolises the functioning of cells and lowers the risk of infections and diseases. Haldi dudh is also known for its anti-inflammatory nature.

Packing: 200ml Bottle.

Product specifications:
Ingredients – Milk solids, sugar, Turmeric Formulation (E100, E422, Olive Oil & Permitted Emulsifiers E471 and E473a). Contains permitted added artificial Kesar Kulfi Flavour and Synthetic food colours.

Nutritional InformationPer 100 ml*
Energy Value (kcal)72.21
Total Fat (g)1.70
Saturated fat (g)1.00
Unsaturated Fat (g)0.23
Trans Fat (g)0.00
Cholesterol (mg)4.08
Total carbohydrate (g)11.10
Added Sugar(g)6.00
Protein (g)3.15
Minerals (g)0.75
*Approximate Value