About Verka Ice Cream: Verka Paan ice cream is made from the finest dairy ingredients and is packed in advanced packaging facility. Made with utmost care and compliance, Verka Paan ice cream is an ideal treat for happy occasions. An ultimate treat after meals, Verka Paan ice cream is preferred by its esteemed customers and is very popular.

Packing: Cup of 80 ml.

Product specifications:
Ingredients: Milk Solids, Sugar, Tutty Fruity (2%), Rose Petal (2%), Date (2%), Aniseed (0.6%), Permitted Emulsifiers and Stabilisers. Contains permitted synthetic Food Colour and added artificial Paan flavouring substance.

Nutritional InformationPer 100ml*
Energy Value (kcal)117.5
Total carbohydrate (g)13.0
Added Sugar (g)9.5
Total Fat (g)6.5
Saturated fat (g)4.2
Trans Fat (g)0.1
Cholesterol (mg)17.0
Protein (g)1.8
*Approximate Value.