Yummy bars with a flavour of fresh blackberries!

About Verka Ice Cream: To beat the heat, there is nothing better than Verka Black Berry Ice Candy. Popular amongst all age groups, especially kids, Verka Black Berry Ice Candy relieves you from the scorching heat of summers and makes you taste buds relish the goodness of Black Berry flavour. An ideal companion during a walk or family get together, Verka Black Berry Ice Candy is available across all Verka Milk points.

Packing: 40 ml.

Product specifications:
Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Citric Acid, Permitted Stabilizer. Contains permitted synthetic food colours and added artificial Black Berry flavouring substances (Nature-Identical)

Nutritional InformationPer 100ml*
Energy Value (kcal)90.0
Total carbohydrate (g)22.5
Added Sugar (g)22.0
Total Fat (g)0.0
Protein (g)0.0
Mineral (g)0.0
*Approximate Value.