Panjiri Health Benefits for New Mothers after Delivery

If you or someone you know has just had the joy of delivering a baby, there’s much more to worry about that losing weight and getting back into shape! Let’s all face the established fact, it’s the diet that helps regain the energy levels and passes the nutrients to the baby through the mother’s milk.

After delivering the baby, the body undergoes tremendous physical and hormonal changes. You will find yourself getting hungry a lot more than before, as your body is now working hard to produce nutritional milk for your baby. Ad you breastfeed, your body required additional calories every day.

That’s where Verka plays a big role in helping you regain your strength and helping your baby receive the nutrition it requires. Panjiri is a traditional Indian dish, extremely famous in the land of Punjab. Having panjiri after delivery for new mothers is extremely helpful as it is considered a great nutritional supplement with healing properties. But, panjiri is not just for new mothers; anybody can consume it and include it in their daily diet, assuming they consume it in the right quantities. 

Let’s take a look at the panjiri health benefits for new mothers:

  1. Stimulates breast milk flow
  2. Helps in regaining the uterus shape by removing excessive fluid
  3. Boosts immunity and helps keep away the cold in winters
  4. Keeps the mothers body warm and cures backaches
  5. Nutrients help fight postpartum depression

Panjiri, being warm in nature, is most effective when taken in controlled quantities, not more than 2 times a day. If you eat low-calorie food such as khichdi, then you can have panjiri as sweet dish at the end. But, if you’re having a high calorie food, avoid having panjiri after that meal. Maybe you can enjoy it some other time as a snack.

If you are planning to visit somebody who recently gave birth to a child, there is no better gift than Verka’s Panjiri. It is prepared with desi ghee and other high quality ingredients such as flour, sugar and various dry fruits, making Panjiri a healthy snack that can be consumed without worrying about the harmful effects.

Now you need not search the web for panjiri recipes. With attractive packaging, Verka has a range of delectable ready-to-eat sweets! Click here to explore what Verka has to offer.