Productivity Enhancement Programmes

The role of Milkfed lies as a facilitator not only on the marketing side, but on the producer side as well. For quality procurement, it is essential that farmers are aided with facilities which help them produce quality milk. Several initiatives sponsored by the State as well as Central Government have immensely assisted farmers to adopt productive activities which help to enhance not only the quantity, but quality of the milk as well. It is pertinent to mention, that at the back end, the quality of cattle, grade of feed, class of veterinary services, level of breed, and eminence of care go a long way in improving the age of the cattle, as well quantity and quality of milk which should surpass the designated standards for procurement.  

In this regards, many programmes have been kickstarted which cover all the welfare aspects of the farmer in a holistic manner. The programme have been designed keeping in mind the future requirements of the market, fulfilling the demand and maintaining a trusted incremental supply. Milkfed has undertaken the below programmes/activities under assistance from Central/State Government which are as under: