Cattle Feed Plant

Farmers have a general tendency to feed their animals home grown green fodder and one or two locally available concentrate ingredients, depending upon the level of milk production and unmindful of animals’ requirement. This type of diet is not always able to meet protein, energy, minerals and vitamins requirement of animals. As a result, animals either do not produce milk as per their genetic potential or else, the cost of milk production is high on account of imbalanced feeding.

In lieu of this, Milkfed Punjab established two Cattle Feed Plants each at Khanna and Ghania Ke Banger (Batala) to meet out the demand of Cattle Feed of Punjab farmers. The production capacity of these plants was increased from 300 MTD to 500 MTD recently, keeping into mind the rise in demand of cattle feed. Presently following Cattle Feeds viz ISI type-II, Verka Special, Bypass Protein Feed and Super Buffalo Feed are being manufactured to meet the protein, energy, minerals and vitamin requirements of the milch animals to improve their reproductive efficiency so as to decrease the cost of the Milk production which will ultimately be economically beneficial to the Milk producers of Punjab. 

Milkfed in a process to improve the quality of feed to meet the requirements of high and moderate milch yield animals, has launched new Cattle Feed variants with the required quantity of protein, energy and other trace elements. To increase the energy level in the feed, quantity of Maize has been increased. Also to improve the protein contents and its absorption by the milch animals, Bypass protein supplement are utilized proportionately. Click below to see the plant profiles in details:

1. Verka Cattle Feed Plant - Ghanie ke Banger

2. Verka Cattle Feed Plant - Khanna