Packaged Indian Sweets Dishes, Kheer and Milk Products Online in India

Kheer is also referred to as sheer, a sweet milk pudding made with rice. As we all know that milk is good for health and also helps build up strong bones, therefore kheer is a perfect replacement for unhealthy sweets available at Indian sweets or bakery shops.

Kheer is prepared during festivals, in temples, and for all special occasions. It is such an endearing sweet dish that even the Ayurveda recommends it and considers it to be a happy food for good health.

Kheer is one of the Indian sweet dishes that have been getting a lot of bling in Bollywood as well. Served to soldier coming back home from war, new bride making kheer first time in the kitchen, mother preparing kheer for son after his exam results, kheer fits well in every situation you can think of!

To enjoy these memorable moments in your life, you need not rush to the market or surf web for Indian sweets online as Verka brings forward a ready-to-eat kheer, reasonably priced to satisfy all kind of pockets of sweet tooth consumers.

Verka Traditional Kheer is available in convenient poly-cups, varying in 125 gm and 200 gm. Whereas, Kesar variant of Verka Kheer is available in 200 gm packaging. Both flavours are available across all major markets of Punjab and selective districts of Himachal Pradesh.

Verka kheer is prepared from fresh ingredients in hygienic conditions and is a healthy replacement for mithai. It is available in two variants; Traditional & Kesar Kheer, both of which are available in affordable and convenient cups. This makes for the perfect on the go dessert as it is easy to carry!

A perfect after-meal delight fortified with the goodness of milk, Verka kheer offers high nutrition and great taste.

Gone are the days when you looked for Indian sweets recipes on YouTube! Verka packaged Indian sweet dishes are available across all major markets of Punjab and selective districts of Himachal Pradesh. All Verka milk products in India are well accepted in the market!