Green fodder is an important component of dairy industry as it helps in reducing the cost of milk production. For this purpose Milkfed has initiated fodder development activities as a result of which Milkfed established its own Seed Processing Unit at Bassi Pathana during the year 1985. The aim of this unit is to provide quality fodder seeds to the dairy farmers as non- availability of good quality seeds is the main constraint in fodder production.

To overcome the problem of non-availability of fodder seeds, Milkfed started Seed Production Programme at the land of the Milk Producers under buy back scheme with an aim to have seed multiplication under the conducive agro climatic conditions and also to avoid unnecessary high cost of fodder seeds by procuring from other States/ institutions. Under seed multiplication programme Breeder seed is obtained from PAU and AAU through the indent provided by the NDDB. Breeder to Foundation seed production is taken at the Federation’s Farms strictly under the supervision of State Seed Certifying Authority. Further, foundation seeds are supplied to the seed growers for the production of certified/truthfully labelled seeds and minimum support procurement price is declared at the time of supply of foundation seeds. During the kharif season the seeds of Maize (J-1006) and Teosnite (TL-1) and during Rabi season the seeds of Oat (kent & OL-10), Barseem (BL-1, BL-10 & BL-42) and Chinese Cabbage are being produced by the Milkfed’s seed processing plant. Seeds produced by the Seed Processing Plant Bassi Pathana are in good demand among the milk producers. About 600MT seeds of  different fodder crops are provided by Seed Processing Plant Bassi Pathana to the milk producer’s of Punjab state.

Benefits of Fodder Seed Supplied through Milkfed.

  1. Seeds Supplied through Milkfed have higher germination percentage (85% to 92%) and higher yield of green fodder as compared to seeds available in market.
  2. Seeds Supplied through Milkfed are cost effective as compared to seeds available in market.
  3. Milkfed supply fresh seeds to the farmers (Foundation seed, Certified and TL Seeds) every year whereas vendors in market may provide old seeds which have poor quality.
  4. Seeds Supplied through Milkfed are true to type i.e. these are genetically pure and are free from Off-types, Impurities and weed seeds.
  5. By Milkfed more and more emphasis is laid on providing new and best varieties of fodder seeds.



Bassi Pathana shall witness the upcoming Mega Dairy Plant which is being executed by the National Dairy Development Board on turnkey basis. Accordingly, an agreement has been signed between The Punjab State Cooperative Milk Producers’ Federation Ltd. and National Dairy Development Board, Anand. The dairy plant is under construction since November 2018. The first phase shall comprise of advanced Tetrapak unit with initial investment of Rs. 138.00 crore.