The Frozen  Semen  Station Khanna was  established  in 1972  under  operation  Flood-I programme with  the objective  to  produce the  Semen  of  bulls  of High genetic  potential of Cattle and Buffaloes for  artificial  insemination. Initially four imported Bulls (two each of HF and Jersey) were received from Indian Dairy Corporation and Nine Buffalo bulls were procured locally. Up to 1984 liquid semen was produced and supplied. In 1984 Frozen Semen Technology was introduced.

Since the starting of Semen Station, it has fulfilled the aspiration of the Dairy breeders of Punjab state and nearby states .This Semen Station has fulfilled the need of Frozen Semen of Cow as well as Buffalo of Milkfed Punjab through its cooperative infrastructure. This Frozen Semen Station always remains the point of attraction for the progressive Dairy breeders of the Punjab and Haryana for the high quality as well as high genetic potential of the Bulls.

During 1996, 4 HF and 2 Jersey bulls were received through NDDB from Denmark. The procurement of these two bulls for Milkfed Semen Station is also one step towards maintaining the bulls of High genetic potential for welfare of Dairy Breeder of Punjab and nearby area. The Highest Milk producing cows Yamuna (51.5Kg in 2nd lactation) and Ganga (59.5 Kg in 3rd lactation) are the progeny of Bulls no. HF-1356 of the Bull of this Semen Station. The Semen Station has procured the Bull calves from these cows for semen production. At present the Semen Station is trying to maintain minimum standard for HF Bull calves more than 8,000 Kgs Dam’s yield and for Buffaloes Bull calves more than 4,000 Kgs against the national norms of 5,500 Kg and 3,000 Kg of Dams Milk Yield for Cattle and Buffalo respectively.

The supply of semen is being carried out from Semen Station, Bhattian to all the unions of The Punjab State. Corporative Milk Producers Federation Ltd., Bhattian is committed to consistently provide high quality disease free semen for breeding service providers through the use of best germ plasm. Semen Station is open to adoption of new technologies and innovative techniques for production of quality frozen semen, optimum utilization of resources and continuous up-gradation of semen technology.

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Existing Infrastructure at Semen Station Khanna:

  • Semen Station has two Bull-sheds to maintain 36 bulls, separately available sheds for isolation of bulls, collection yard for semen collection, semen processing room, sterilization room, AV room, QCO room, washing room and semen store room
  • The Semen Station has 2 bull sheds with capacity of housing 36 bulls.  Facility for 36 bulls is as per MSP recommendation.  Each bull shed has pens for bulls with adequate loafing area, manger and water troughs with access to automatic drinking water facility all the time.
  • There is a semen collection yard measuring about 671 Sq Meters. The distance between the collection yard and the bull sheds is about 4 meters. There are four semen collection crates in the collection yard.
  • The semen processing lab is equipped with basic equipment required for processing the semen at present production level.  The work platform, parts of equipment and other items to be handled during the processing of semen are cleaned regularlyAfter the semen is processed in the semen processing lab, the frozen semen doses are kept in quarantine for 30 days before their dispatch to the Milk unions
  • There is also an isolation shed (to separately house any bull/bull calves suspected for disease) with a capacity to house 4 bulls away from the main herd.
  • There is a quarantine station located at Bassi Pathana, (Fatehgarh Sahib) which have 25 acre of land used for seed processing Milkfed of breeding seed of fodder. The bulls are kept here for 2 months and tested for major diseases like Tuberculosis, Johnin’s Disease, Brucellosis, IBR, etc before they are inducted to the rearing station and main herd of Semen Station.  This has a capacity to house about 8 animals
  • The Semen Station has about 38 Acre approx. of land under cultivation to meet the feeding requirement of the bulls. Out of 38 acres, only 6 Acres of land use for fodder production and rest of land for production of seed.  The major fodder varieties cultivated are Maize, Makchari, Oat, Barseem, Bajra, Sarson etc.