Mission Milk: National Dairy Plan

Dairy farming has grown hugely to an organized dairy industry with technological specializations in every part of the process. We have seen tremendous growth in dairy farming equipments that helps modern dairy farms to manage thousands of dairy cows and buffaloes.

National Dairy Development Board and IIM conducted a workshop in November’2016 at Chandigarh in which the goals and objectives of state dairy plan have been fixed. NDDB has proposed a draft National Dairy Development Plan to increase the Milk Production from the current level of 146 Million tonnes to meet the projected demand of 200 Million tonnes by 2021-2022.

To ensure the supply of quality milk to customers, National Dairy Plan proposed to increase the share of  organize section  in  milk production  to  65%  from  the  current  30%.
The main focus of NDP is to enhance productivity of mich animals up till 2018.

Based on the above goals, National Dairy Development Board is developing a State Dairy Plan and MILKFED is working on an ambitious plan to increase its milk procurement to 48 lakh Kg/day by 2020. 

Besides Projects coming up in the State Development Plan the following capacity creation projects are being planned at Federation level:-

  1. Milk Packing Station at Dehradun Capacity 50,000 Ltrs per day with budgetary outlay of Rs.10.00 Crs.
  2. Milk Packing Station at Jammu capacity 50,000 Ltrs per day with budgetary outlay of Rs.10.00 Crs.
  3. Milk Packing Station in NCR of capacity 1.00 lac Ltrs Per day to 2.00 lac per day with budgetary outlay of Rs.20.00 Crs.

With a production of 146.3 million tonnes of milk, India remained on top and contributed 18.5% of the world milk production. India will require about 200-210 million tonnes of milk by 2021-22. While the production of milk grows at 3% per annum, the consumption grows by 5%. The current efforts are aimed at bridging the gap in demand and supply.