Lassi: A Nutritious and Delicious Summer Drink!

Lassi is an age old Punjabi drink and is one of the most loved beverage not only in North India but across the whole country especially during summers. It is prepared from curd, churned into a creamy consistency by adding some water.
Lassi is full of probiotics which makes it a beneficial drink for health. Apart from this, Lassi has many other benefits listed below:

  • Healthy Sumer Drink
    Lassi is a healthy summer drink that helps cooling the body temperature during hot summer days and cures prickly heat. Sweetened or unsweetened, Lassi is very good for stomach, it helps to reduce summer-related gastro-intestinal problems and improves metabolism.
  • Improves DigestionLassi is a healthy summer beverage for human digestive system. As it is prepared from yogurt, it helps soothe the digestive tract, promote digestive enzymes and aids in digestion.
  • Cures Stomach ProblemsLassi is a cool drink for summer season and is good for digestion. It works as a natural remedy to cure the bloating in stomach and prevent stomach disorders.
  • Works as a ProbioticLassi being rich in nutrients works as a probiotic and helps to reduce cholesterol and boosts the intestines to absorb nutrients easily, improving metabolism.

Lassi is rich in calcium, protein, carbohydrates, Vitamin A, B and riboflavin. These nutrients make lassi a good energy drink to be consumed when a person feels low. The availability of high amount of nutrients in lassi makes it a good replacement of lactose for people with lactose intolerance.

Knowing the benefits of Lassi and its importance in every household, Verka prepares fresh Lassi in various flavors mentioned below:

  • Namkeen LassiSince ages, Namkeen Lassi has been really popular in Punjab. It’s prepared with common salt, cumin powder and other spices mixed with milk solids and water.
  • Sweet LassiVerka sweet Lassi is a healthy beverage for the people having a sweet tooth. It’s best when consumed after the lunch.

    Verka has introduced sweet lassi in various flavors including:
  • Rose LassiRose Lassi is a cooling drink that helps cure acidity. The aroma of rose Lassi makes it special and more tempting among other sweet flavors. Verka prepares this unique flavor of Lassi to make the experience of Lassi tastier.
  • Mango LassiWhen we listen or read the word mango, naturally the sweet and yummy flavor of the fruit comes to our senses. Mango lassi is an ultimate treat to our taste-buds during hot summer months of April, May, June & July.
  • Strawberry Lassi
    Another treat for summers is Verka’s Strawberry Lassi. This sweet and sour strawberry flavor Lassi gives the nutrition of strawberry and benefits of Lassi. This unique fruity flavored lassi can be consumed at any time of the day.

    Verka Lassi made from verka dahi, is available in 200ml tetra pack, checkout the full range of Verka Milk products on