Indulge in Verka Refreshing Drinks to Beat the Summer Blues

During summers, sometimes we need a thirst quencher on the move that is a little bit extra than just water. Unlike traditional beverage mixes or powders, ready to drink summer refreshments can be consumed right after the purchase and can be carried easily on the move. These beverages not only help to stay hydrated but also have a refreshing flavour that everyone can enjoy!

Verka has a wide range of healthy and tasty thirst quenchers that can tickle the taste buds of all age groups. Verka summer refreshments are manufactured and packaged hygienically in tetra packaging that locks the flavour as well as the freshness of the drink.
Here are some Verka refreshments that serve as an ideal summer drink for parties and picnics:

  • Mango Raseela: Mango Raseela is quite popular in Punjab and one of the top-selling summer refreshments by Verka. This drink serves the best mango flavour with real mango pulp that can be relished all year around.
  • Nimbu Pani: If you are fond of having Shikanji, you will love the flavour of ready to drink Verka Nimbu Pani. It is an excellent thirst quencher and an energising drink for scorching summers. This drink is a perfect blend of sweet and sour flavour that tastes best when chilled.
  • Mango Shake: Verka Mango Shake is a great ready to drink milkshake in India. It is available in a 200ml tetra packaging and has a smooth and thick consistency. This is also a great choice for summer refreshments that can also be served at housewarming or birthday parties.
  • Aam Pana: Verka Aam Pana is a perfect summer energy drink that not just serves as a thirst quencher but also energises you from within. Having Aam Pana prevents the excessive loss of sodium chloride and iron due to excessive sweating. This drink has become a popular drink throughout Punjab and Chandigarh Tricity.
  • Choco Milk: Verka Pio Choco Milk is loaded with the sweetness of chocolate that provides energy to the body. Due to its rich taste, it is one of the favourites ready to drink choco milk in India that is loved by not only kids but also by adults.
  • Banana Sugar-Free: If you are fitness conscious and keep a track on your daily calorie consumption, then Verka Banana Sugar-Free is perfect summer refreshment for you.

All Verka ready-to-drink milk and summer refreshments can be consumed directly on the move or at home, parties and picnics. All the flavours come in an attractive 200 ml tetra packaging that gives you the ease of having it anytime with snacks or can accompany it with other food.