Improvement of Milk Quality by Investing in Latest Technology

In India, where the population is largely vegetarian, dairy is a primary source of protein. Milk-based paneer, ghee and yogurt are all staples of daily life, making the country both the largest consumer and the largest producer of dairy in the world.

Milkfed Punjab has successfully achieved to become the number one Pouch Packed Milk Supplier in Chandigarh, Punjab and Himachal. Milkfed Punjab always endeavours to be leader in market in milk & milk products quality and we never miss an opportunity to carry out investments in latest technology.

Production of maximum quantities of high quality milk is an important goal of every dairy operation. Poor quality milk affects all segments of the dairy industry, resulting in milk with decreased manufacturing properties and dairy products with reduced flavour quality.

Milkfed Punjab aims at carrying out investments in the Quality equipments. In order to analyse Milk components such as FAT, SNF, and Lactos, Milk Analyzer FT 120 of FOSS Denmark is installed at Ludhiana and Mohali at an approximate cost of Rs.60.00 lacs each. This machine enables liquid milk testing by analysing the main product components in milk as well as screening for milk abnormalities – all at once in just 30 seconds.

Milkfed Punjab proposed installation of various minor milk analyzers at all other Dairy Plants to test the milk proteins Lactos, SNF and Water, which can ensure the quality of milk. 1125 Automatic Milk Collections and 1301 Electronic Milk Tester are already installed at Village Level Cooperative Societies.

Installation of Automatic Milk Collection System (AMCs) is also in the queue. Automizing the daily milk collection process is the first empowering step towards the whole rural milk revolution. Large number of Bulk Milk Coolers for chilling of milk at village level Milk Producers Cooperative Societies likely to be installed in the coming years. Verka aims at providing a safe, wholesome, abundant and nutritious milk supply to all its consumers.