Healthy and Easy Indian Recipes & Lunch Box Ideas for School Kids and Work

For many parents, it is a real challenge to pack healthy as well as a yummy lunch for their kids so that they eat it with joy without trading or throwing it away. With careful and wise planning, you can pack lunch that is nutritious as well as tasty!

Here are some tips that can help you with healthy and easy lunch ideas for work and for your school kids:

  • Plan Ahead: To pack lunch box on time every morning, it’s a good idea to plan your menu on a Sunday for the coming week. This gives you enough time to get creative with your lunch box ideas!
  • Keep Your Kids favourite on mind: Make a list of your kid’s favourite food items and then schedule each food item for every day. Also, make it nutritious; add seasonal fruits, veggies, and protein.
  • Add a Beverage: During lunch breaks, kids often buy sodas from the cafeteria. You can replace this with nutritious beverages. Verka has a range of beverages such as lassi, flavoured milk, nimbu pani, mango shake, choco milk, and much more. You can explore the whole section here.
  • Include a sweet dish: Candies, chocolates, and mithais can be replaced with a nutritional sweet dish like Kheer. Verka kheer comes in 2 variants; original and Kesar Kheer. Verka kheer is ready to eat and comes in easy to carry packing. In addition, we also have a range of traditional Indian sweet options such as Kaju Barfi, Milk Cake, Kaju Pinni and much more, explore the range here.
  • Add a twist of cheese: Be creative and think beyond the ordinary. Use salad leftovers and toss it with your kid’s favourite cheese spread! You can also create mini roti wraps and add cheese singles to it! There are many recipes you can come up with if you think innovatively. Verka has a wide range of cheese; singles, spreads and processed cheese. Explore the full range here.
  • Think beyond Curd: If your kid is not a big fan of dahi, consider other options. Create yoghurt dips by adding cilantro and other herbs into it. You can also consider Verka Jeera Raita made from pasteurized Verka milk.

These Indian lunch box ideas are not only restricted to school going kids but can also be used by college goers and those working. Verka brings unique and healthy recipes for lunch by Masterchef finalist Kandla Nijhowne, explore them all here and grab all the Indian lunch box ideas for work and for school.