Health Benefits of Skimmed Milk

Skimmed milk is a low-calorie and low-fat version of traditional full-fat milk. Many people hold this notion that nutrients of regular fat milk are withered-off from skimmed milk. But, this isn’t true as skim milk is prepared through the process of centrifugal separation where only fat molecules are extracted from the milk.

Is skim milk healthy?

Check out some health benefits of skimmed milk that will encourage you to have skim milk daily.

  1. High in Protein
    Skim Milk contains all nine amino acids that are beneficial in maintaining lean muscles. Therefore, having skim milk protein helps to build muscles more quickly and further to maintain them well. Also, skim milk contains casein protein which is easy to digest. Therefore, having skim milk is healthy for those looking for a safe, natural and rich source of protein.
  2. Rich Source of Calcium
    We all know milk is the best source of calcium but did you know that skimmed milk provides more calcium than the whole milk variants? There are various tissues in our body that need calcium to function and having a cup of skim milk can provide 30% of daily calcium requirements.
  3. Aids Weight loss
    Skimmed milk is prepared by skimming off the cream that contains fat hence making it a low-fat drink. The absence of saturated fat helps prevent weight gain but offers the same amount of goodness as of whole milk. Therefore, having skimmed milk for weight loss is the best choice.
  4. Rich in Minerals
    Skimmed milk is rich in essential minerals such as selenium, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and calcium. Potassium helps in the proper regulation of blood pressure and heart function. Whereas, calcium we know helps build strong bones and teeth.
  5. Low in Cholesterol
    High cholesterol can lead to various heart diseases. For those suffering from high cholesterol levels or want to maintain healthy levels of cholesterol, switching to skimmed milk is a healthy option.

Note: Children under the age of two years should not drink skim milk as it does not have enough fat required for infant’s healthy growth.

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