Health Benefits of Drinking Lassi Everyday

These days, the market is loaded with ‘health drinks’ but hardly any of those does justice to what it claims. Lassi is only one such drink that other than being a healthy beverage, also serves as a perfect refreshing drink for people of all ages.

Lassi is an age-old Punjabi after meal beverage which is known for its numerous benefits such as aiding digestion, providing calcium and vitamin D and more. Let’s take a look at some of the health benefits of drinking lassi listed below.

  1. Aids Digestion
    Churned out of dahi (yogurt), lassi is extremely beneficial for our digestive system. It contains lactobacillus bacteria that lubricates the intestines, breakdowns the food, absorbs the nutrients and helps in smooth digestion. In addition, also helps the stomach to get rid of acids that cause indigestion and heartburn.
  2. Prevents Bloating
    Excess water in the body causes bloating and lassi is highly recommended as it contains healthy bacteria that helps keep away the bad bacteria and in preventing stomach bloats. Being rich in probiotics, lassi eliminates bad levels of cholesterol in the body.
  3. Improves Bone Health
    Being rich in calcium, lassi helps to make bone stronger and consuming it daily also assures good dental health.
  4. Boosts Immune System
    Since lassi is rich in Vitamin D and Lactic Acid, consuming it boosts the immune system by preparing the body to fight against various diseases.
  5. Maintains Youthful Skin
    Everyone wants to look youthful for long. Lactic acid found in lassi helps enhance skin’s texture. Drinking lassi benefits the skin by cleansing it from within and thus removing all kinds of blemishes and freckles.

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