Harmful side effects of Drinking Soda

Do you often drink soda? Do you know it can have a serious impact on health and further leads to cancer?

Sodas are full of sugar, chemicals and have zero nutrition value. Before trying to quench your thirst with it, take a look at the harmful effects of soda drinks on the human body here:

  1. High Sugar Content
    One 12-ounce can of soda contains close to 50 grams of added sugar that counts 13 teaspoons. And, thus exceeds the daily limit of 9 teaspoons of sugar for men and 6 for women. Therefore, an increased level of sugar consumption can lead to increased chances of becoming diabetic.
  2. Increased Risk of Cancer
    As soda drinks are high in sugar thus increases the insulin levels which feeds tumours. And, the chemicals that are used for colouring in soda drinks can also boost the chances of developing breast cancer, prostate cancer, and pancreatic cancer.
  3. Causes Sleep Disorders
    Soft drinks contain caffeine that affects our nervous system and alters mood and behaviour. Also, it prevents drowsiness by blocking the hormones and sleep inducers making you stay awake for long.
  4. Corrodes Teeth
    Tooth decay is one among the major effects of carbonated drinks on the body. Soda contains added ingredients that are acidogenic and carcinogenic and thus causes corrosion of enamel from teeth.
  5. Causes Weight Gain
    Soda contains many flavour enhancers full of sodium, artificial acids, sweeteners, and other additives that contain hidden calories leading to weight gain over time.
  6. Causes Fatty Liver
    Liver damage is usually linked with consuming alcohol but one of the harmful effects of soft drinks also includes fattening of the liver.
  7. Loss of Calcium
    Due to the presence of phosphorus in aerated drinks, chances of calcium loss from the body through the kidneys is increased.
  8. Risk of Heart Diseases
    Sugar intake has always been linked to high blood sugar, high triglycerides in the blood and dense LDL that are the major cause of cardiovascular diseases.

Now that you know why soda is bad for you, you must consider replacing it with healthier beverages such as milk, lassi, lime water, shakes, fresh juice, coconut water, and herbal teas. You can also consider Verka Beverages as they have a huge variety of healthy drinks such as lassi, flavoured milk, aam panna, sugar-free banana, and many other drinks to choose from. All of these beverages come in Tetra as well as glass bottles’ packaging that makes it easy to carry. Also, all Verka beverages are packaged in hygienic state-of-the-art facilities and meet the requisite FSSAI standards. Visit http://verka.in/ to explore Verka milk and milk products that are not only tasty but also promotes good health.