Enrich the joy of Raksha Bandhan with Verka sweets!

Every Indian festival is incomplete without sweets. Whether you have a starter in your food menu or not, a sweet dish is always expected at the end of a meal. Indians usually have a sweet tooth and are quite used to saying “muh mitha krwaiye”. Sometimes they just try to find an occasion to indulge in sweets. Offering sweets in India is considered auspicious after big news such as graduation, admission or even when your board results come out! We are very good at finding ‘mithai toh banti hai’ occasions.

Mithai is also considered as a token of appreciation that Indians gift to their friends and relatives before and after attending weddings, and if by chance you forget to give this precious token, it’s almost considered a sin!

Local sweet shops and vendors that do not follow FSSAI standards often use unhealthy adulteration techniques to increase the quantity of their sweets. These sweets are then harmful for human consumption. Unlike these local sweet shops, Verka has a wide range of sweets that are prepared in hygienic conditions. For occasions like Raksha Bandhan, Diwali, Holi or Lohri, these sweets are a perfect buy to share and celebrate with family and friends. Check out some of Verka’s top sellers this season!

Bundi Ladoo:
If there were a national sweet for India, ladoo would be it! Bundi Ladoo is very popular in North India and is served by people on almost every occasion. Bundi ladoo also holds a sentimental value in India as it is given as parshad in all temples and gurudwaras. The best thing about Verka ladoos is that they have an adequate amount of sugar and are light on your stomach!

Soan Papdi:
Also known as Soan halwa, Verka Soanpapdi’s light golden colour and flaky texture melts instantly in your mouth and simply cannot be missed!

Dhodha is a sweet with a 100-year-old history and lineage. The birthplace of Dodha is Punjab, and Punjabis love food rich in ghee. Prepared from Verka milk, ghee and other Verka products, this sweet is for all those who prefer traditional flavours with authentic taste!

Kaju Burfi:
Made with pure cashew nuts, sweetened with sugar, filled with the richness of milk, decorated with silver vark and adored by every age group from kids to grandparents, Verka Kaju Burfi is a must have from our sweets range!

Milk Cake: 
Don’t make your judgement by the name of this creamy Indian sweet as it is much tastier than a cake! Milk cake gets its slight brown colour and fudgy texture by caramelizing the sugar. Milk cake is considered a classic and old fashioned Indian sweet!

Verka Sweets are also a great item for gifting purposes as it comes in beautiful packaging! Take a look at the full range of sweets at our website!