Drinking Milk After Workout Boosts Fat Burn

Post workout nutrition is crucial for muscle recovery & rehydration. After a long session in the gym, what do you tend to reach for? It’s probably water or a sports drink but you should be better off pouring yourself a glass of milk.

A 250ml whole milk contains 8g protein, 13g carbs & 8g fat for a total of 150kcal. 1 cup also has 290mg calcium & 107g sodium. When you consider the protein (whey/casein/BCAA) and calorie content of milk, it’s one of the cheapest proteins available!

The Ultimate Post-Workout Drink

To prove that milk is one of the most effective pro-workout drinks, a team of volunteers were tested. After their exercise sessions they were rehydrated with three different drinks – milk, water and a sports drink. Results showed that Milk stayed in the system for much longer than water or the sports drink because milk releases very slowly into the small intestine, so it is absorbed much more gradually into the bloodstream, helping the body retain fluid for longer. At the same time, the gain in muscle was much greater among the milk drinkers and they lost more body fat than water or sports drink participants.

Milk doesn’t make you fat

Many people fear that milk is “fattening” even though the calcium and dairy has been linked to fat burning together for years.Milk is a good source of protein and healthy carbohydrates, the perfect ration you need when your workout is over to help recover your muscles and your energy. Milk contains both whey and casein proteins. The whey is quickly digested to help immediate muscle recovery while the casein is slower to be digested. Both proteins are important to have especially after you workout.

Speeds up Metabolism

One can lose up to 11 pounds in 12 weeks by making protein 30% of their diet. Protein increases your metabolism because it’s hard for your body to digest therefore you’ll burn an extra 260 calories/day when protein is 30% of your diet. More calcium in your diet helps shut off the hormones that create fat causing you to burn more fat especially when you’re on a weight loss diet.