Celebrate Diwali with Verka Packaged Sweets

Preparing Sweets is one of the most important happenings before Diwali. Though there are many attractions for Diwali like crackers, new films, new seasons of clothing etc., tasting great Diwali sweets is always the prime attraction. Those days are gone when people used to prepare sweets a week before Diwali. We end up buying sweets from local sweet shops.

During Diwali days, mithai shops are all decked up with a variety of sweets. But, we don’t know what goes on behind the scenes of these mithai workshops. Quite often, in order to make bulk quantities of sweets, the quality is compromised.

Before you gulp down your favorite milk cake bought from that local sweet shop, let’s enlighten you with the food adulteration that is trending in the tri-city, especially during festive days!

It is observed in many surveys that the samples collected from local sweet shops are found to be using sub-standard flour and low-grade fats. Every year, the milk samples collected from these merchants are found adulterated with urea, detergents, refined oil, dry milk, and starch. Consuming sweets prepared with this milk can lead to skin diseases, hair loss, stomach disorders, and even liver and kidney problems!

Exchanging sweets on Diwali is a way of spreading joy and goodwill among both the givers and the receivers. You need to be careful while buying, eating and distributing Diwali sweets gift packs with your loved ones as adulterated sweets can ruin your health and can also disturb your relations.

Having Diwali round the corner, Peda, Kaju Barfi, Til Milk Cake, Kaju Pinni are some of the Verka’s top-selling Diwali sweets. Verka Diwali sweets boxes are available in bright festive packaging, which are most suitable for gifting purposes! Also, the high standard of packaging retains the quality and freshness of sweets that is highly appreciated by all our customers. With our ready-to-eat packaged sweets, one can celebrate any festival or special moment, without worrying about the quality of the product. 

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