Easy and Healthy Summer Picnic Recipes

Summers are here and everyone is planning for their midyear vacations. One of the most fun activities that most families enjoy every summer vacation is going outdoors for picnics. Picnics offer a great time to meet loved ones, enjoy the weather, play games and food of course.

Here we bring some easy and healthy snacks and recipes that will serve as the best food for picnic basket:

  1. Sandwich
    Sandwiches are the best options for picnic snacks as they can be made in advance and carried during travel with ease. While choosing the bread make sure you do not choose a super soft one as they can go soggy.
    Take some butter and cheese spread in a bowl and mix them together. Add roasted pepper olives, tomatoes, and all other veggies that you wish to use. Spread this mixture evenly on one side of the bread and you can add boiled potatoes slice, turkey, ham or salami as per your choice. Finally, add a cheese slice to give it an extra cheesy flavour and your sandwiches are ready.
  1. Veggie Rolls
    Veggies Rolls serves as easy and healthy snacks. To prepare this, heat some Verka butter in a pan and add chopped tomatoes, capsicum, onions and salt. Cook these until they are tender yet crunchy and add boiled corns & chopped paneer into it. Now, turn off the heat and keep it aside. Now, warm all chapattis with Verka butter and spread some Verka cheese spread on it. Scatter the veggies on it and drizzle some oregano and ketchup if you like. Roll it firmly, secure it with a toothpick and pack each individually in silver foil.
  1. Ready-to-Drink Beverages
    When looking for picnic food ideas, ready-to-drink beverages are good options for those avoiding to prepare liquids on own and are afraid of getting spilt on the go. Verka has a wide range of beverages that can be enjoyed by all age groups. From sweetened flavoured milk, lassi to refreshments such as aam panna, nimbu paani, mango shake, etc. Verka beverages are available in tetra packs & glass bottles and thus are easy to carry in Tiffins and picnic baskets.
  1. Cold Macaroni Salad
    One of the easy picnic recipes is cold macaroni salad. Macaroni is loved by all and carrying a colder version of it enables you to have it anytime without bothering to reheat it. Here’s how to prepare one; take boiled macaroni and drain excess water. Take a large bowl and mix together mayonnaise, red chilli flakes cheese spread, vinegar, some sugar, mustard sauce, salt and pepper. Stir in some diced onions, celery, carrot, corns, capsicum and macaroni. Refrigerate it overnight or at least for 4 hours and enjoy serving it cold.
  1. Cheese Cheelas
    Cheelas are desi versions of pancakes and serve as a nutritious snack. It is easy to prepare and can also be served as kids lunch box. Mix together besan and salt to make a thin batter. Take a pan heat some Verka ghee and sauté onion with all other veggies that you wish to add. Now keep the mixture aside and in the same pan put some oil/butter or ghee and ladle some besan batter into it. Spread the batter into a neat round circle and cook from both sides. Now, remove the cheela and add the veggie fillings and cheese single to it. Roll up the Cheela and pack individually in silver oils.

All the above-mentioned recipes can be enjoyed by both kids and adults so you don’t have to worry about anyone staying hungry.

Healthy Indian Dessert Recipes using Verka Milk

We all know that Indians have a sweet tooth and they cannot resist desserts after their meals.

During winters, sugar carvings increase all the more as and when the temperature drops. it starts triggering the appetite. And, if you are health conscious and avoids having sweets with preservatives, we bring some easy to make Indian desserts that will satiate your cravings and won’t take a toll on your health.

Checkout out some best Indian dessert recipes using Verka Milk and milk products:

  • Kalakand
    Kalakand is a popular Indian dessert and preparing it at home is economical and ensures purity and rich taste.
    Method: Take 2½ litres of Verka full-fat milk and divide it into 2 parts. Take one part of milk and boil it in a ‘kadhai’ and continue to simmer. Keep stirring till the milk is half from its original level. Now, boil the 2nd part of milk and curdle it by adding 1½ tbsp lemon juice. Scatter the crumbled paneer over the thickened milk and add 2 tsp rose water and keep cooking till you get a thick paste out of it. Add half a cup of sugar and mix. Cool the mixture and pour on to the greased tray. Sprinkle some chopped nuts and press gently. Now, cut it into the desired shape and chill it for few hours. And, your kalakand is ready to be served.
  • Pineapple Halwa
    Everyone loves having halwa, especially in winters. Adding pineapple will give a fruity and tangy twist to the usual traditional halwa.
    Method: Add 3-4 tbsp Verka Ghee in a pan and fry the cashews and raisins till brown. Drain and remove. Add 1 cup sooji into the same pan and mildly roast. Dry roast 7-8 strands of saffron in a pan and add it to 1½ cup Verka Toned Milk. Now, heat the saffron-infused milk along with the 1 cup sugar, ½ tsp elaichi powder and ¾ cup of water. Pour the milk and 1½ cup chopped pineapple chunks into the roasted sooji, stirring briskly. Cook till it thickens and sprinkle nuts over it.
  • Phirni
    Known as rice pudding by some and popular in India as ‘phirni’, it serves as a perfect healthy alternative to traditional sweets available in the market.
    Method: Take ½ cup basmati rice and then soak in the water for 1-2 hours. Grind the rice with minimal water to create a smooth paste. Bring 500 ml Verka milk to boil and soak saffron in ½ of the milk. Mix rice paste, 4 tbsp Verka milk powder and remaining ½ of milk in a pan and cook for 15-20 minutes. Add saffron infused milk and elaichi powder, and then mix to disperse evenly. Add sugar as per your taste and refrigerate for 7-8 hours.

Note: Consume these desserts in limited quantities only. Avoid if you are diabetic and obese.

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Best healthy and delicious recipe ideas using Verka Paneer

Do you crave for quick and guilt-free snacks? If you are someone who hates oil dripping out of the meals, here’s are some of the healthy paneer recipes list to follow.

  1. Paneer Lettuce Rolls
    If you are looking for healthy paneer recipes for snacks or breakfast, Paneer Lettuce rolls will serve the purpose. Here’s how you need to prepare: Heat a small amount of oil or ghee in a non-stick pan and sauté onions until they turn translucent. Add garlic and ginger if you like or just keep it simple to make it a kid-friendly. You can also add some cabbage, carrots and beans. Then, add some paneer and lemon juice, and sprinkle some salt and chilli flakes. Adding sauces is entirely your choice. Mix everything together and cook on a medium flame. Wash and towel dry the lettuce leaves. Add some paneer stuffing on one side of a leaf, roll and fix it with a toothpick. You can dress it up with some spring onions and peanuts.

  2. Haryali Paneer Tikka
    Being prepared from green leafy vegetables such as coriander and mint, Haryali paneer tikka is an easy to prepare healthy paneer recipe that can be savoured during lunch. Prepare a marinade by making a fine paste out of coriander leaves, mint leaves, green chillies and lemon juice. Add some salt, black pepper, ginger garlic paste, chaat masala, turmeric powder, and thick curd. Now, dip the paneer cubes into this marinade and refrigerate overnight or for 4-5 hours. You can grill it, char it in the oven or simply take a non-stick pan and cook it well.

  3. Paneer Pudding
    If you are looking for paneer recipes for kids, consider trying this paneer pudding as it will serve the purpose of a dessert and a healthy meal as well. Melt Butter in a pan and add some lemon juice, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon and whole black pepper. Once the juice is hot, add apple slices and cook it covered for 5 minutes. Now, uncover it and let the half of the orange juice evaporate on a medium flame. Take off the whole spices from it and add some strawberries or cherries. Take some mashed paneer and add some whipped cream and blend it with sugar. Flatten this mixture on a foil. Now pour all the fruit stew in a baking dish and place the flattened paneer layer on top of it. Place it in the oven and heat for 20 minutes. Serve it hot.

  4. Paneer Jalfrazie
    Paneer Jalfrazie is one among the healthy paneer recipes for dinner. This recipe can be enjoyed along with the Indian bread or with jeera rice.
    Heat some oil in the non-stick pan and sauté onions and colored bell peppers. Now, add some baby corns, turmeric powder, chilli, coriander powder, and tomato purée and sauté on a low flame for 5-7 minutes till the baby corns are cooked. Add paneer cubes, some salt, half teaspoon vinegar, half teaspoon sugar and cook for a minute. Serve hot.

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5 Different uses of Ghee other than in Cooking

Ghee has been considered as a symbol of health and prosperity since a very long time. And, we all are aware of the health benefits that ghee provides. Almost in all regions of India, ghee is a staple ingredient in almost all dishes and desserts. So, here are some different uses of ghee for skin, hair and cold other than ghee used in cooking:

  1. How to use ghee for face?
    Desi ghee is extremely powerful for a soft and supple skin especially if it is made out of cow’s milk. The fatty acids present in ghee helps in hydrating the skin cells and thus promotes clear and bright skin from within. So without hesitating, you can apply ghee on your face by creating an effective natural DIY face mask. Mix 2 spoons of ghee with 2 spoons of haldi or besan and stir the mixture with small amount of water to bring it in a paste consistency. Apply this on your face and neck for 20 minutes and you will see the difference from the very first application itself.
  1. How to use ghee for pure energy?
    In Ayurveda, the use of ghee is known to promote good health, positivity and personal growth. Ghee is enriched with fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K, K2, and CLA. It has a fatty acid profile and thus gets quickly digested. Together, they get easily absorbed by the body and converts easily into energy that lasts all day long. Just take a spoon full of desi ghee and melt it on a stove and consume it daily in the morning.
  1. How to use ghee for medicinal purpose?
    As the weather changes, most of us experience cold followed with a clogged nose, headache, sensitive taste senses, exhaustion and the most annoying of all is the difficulty in breathing. These days, people prefer taking nasal drops and sprays to open up their clogged nose. But, Ayurveda has a remedy called ‘Nyasa Treatment’ that highlights one of the medicinal uses of gheee. unclogs the nose naturally. Pouring a few drops of warm pure cow ghee into the nostrils provides quick relief from cold and also soothes the infection.
  1. How to use ghee for curing burns and recovering from post surgery?
    Ghee is an effective post-surgery recovery agent and recommended to women post delivery and post hysterectomy surgery. In Ayurveda, ghee is known for its healing properties and when consumed or used in combination with honey does wonders! As the pH of honey is lightly acidic, the ghee helps maintain pain-relieving, antibacterial and anti-microbial benefits and serves as a carrier for them.
  1. How to use ghee for hair and skin?
    Being rich in fatty acids, Ghee quickly gets absorbed into the skin and hair. Ghee is an amazing moisturizer that keeps the skin hydrated and radiant longer than the usual body lotions. You can apply a small amount of ghee on your body during or after taking a shower. If you have rough and brittle hair, add a small amount of ghee with your conditioner, let it settle for half an hour and then rinse your hair as usual. To use it alone and avoid ghee’s smell, add a drop of your favorite essential oil to it.

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