Calf Rearing in India with Tips on Products Information Guide & Advice

The health of a calf directly effects the reproductive capacity as well as the milk production. The initial months in a calf’s life are of the utmost importance as it forms the foundation for a high milk-yielding animal.

In the recent past, many measure and techniques were being adopted for productivity enhancement, but calf nutrition was often neglected. Adult animals that are well fed are still unable to yield high quantities of milk. This is because these animals were not well-fed during their crucial stages of growth, thus, resulting in poor reproductive capacity and poor milk production.

To tackle this situation, milk producing breeds should be given special attention to their health and nutrition especially during calf-hood.  The purpose to promote calf rearing programmes is to develop high-quality buffalos of a desired weight, that not only promote high volumes of milk per day, but also a longer duration of lactation per year.

Murrah Buffalo are found in abundance in most areas of Punjab and provide quality milk across the nation. To improve the milk yield and to raise the socio-economic status of a farmer, special emphasis on calf rearing and dairy assistance should be given to this breed.

Efforts by Milkfed Punjab are being made to promote calf health by implementing a Calf Rearing Programme for Murrah Buffaloes at various dairies. Farmers are encouraged with reliable calf rearing advice and information guide on calf rearing products so that essential nutrients are provided to pregnant animals and to ensure a healthy calf is born.

Calf Rearing products such as calf starter and calf growth meals are also given to female calves up to 106 weeks of age. Also, pregnant animals are provided with pregnancy feed in the last trimester. Good animal nutrition helps maintain immunity which is important to retain flexibility to deal with diseases. We at Milkfed Punjab aim at implementing calf rearing guide programmes that promote good nutrition that provides good health for the nation.