Calf Rearing in India with Tips on Products Information Guide & Advice

The health of a calf directly effects the reproductive capacity as well as the milk production. The initial months in a calf’s life are of the utmost importance as it forms the foundation for a high milk-yielding animal.

In the recent past, many measure and techniques were being adopted for productivity enhancement, but calf nutrition was often neglected. Adult animals that are well fed are still unable to yield high quantities of milk. This is because these animals were not well-fed during their crucial stages of growth, t...

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Mission Milk: National Dairy Plan

Dairy farming has grown hugely to an organized dairy industry with technological specializations in every part of the process. We have seen tremendous growth in dairy farming equipments that helps modern dairy farms to manage thousands of dairy cows and buffaloes.

National Dairy Development Board and IIM conducted a workshop in November’2016 at Chandigarh in which the goals and objectives of state dairy plan have been fixed. NDDB has proposed a draft National Dairy Development Plan to increase the Milk Production from the c...

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Improvement of Milk Quality by Investing in Latest Technology

In India, where the population is largely vegetarian, dairy is a primary source of protein. Milk-based paneer, ghee and yogurt are all staples of daily life, making the country both the largest consumer and the largest producer of dairy in the world. Milkfed Punjab has successfully achieved to become the number one Pouch Packed Milk Supplier in Chandigarh, Punjab and Himachal. Milkfed Punjab always endeavours to be leader in market in milk & milk products quality and we never miss an opportunity to carr...

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Women Dairy Cooperatives: Empowering the Women of Punjab!

The dairy co-operatives were formed in India after 1912; the real beginning was made only after the Second World War. The dairy co-operatives are organized with a three-tier structure i.e. milk producers’ co-operatives society at the village level, the union of societies at the district level and the federation of the unions at the state level. The process of organizing societies at village level started in Punjab in 1978.

Women play an important role in the dairy fa...

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Providing Milking Machines to Dairy Cooperatives & Progressive Dairy Farms

Milking management is one of the most important and crucial activities in the milk production chain. Early attempts at milking cows involved a variety of methods. Around 380 B.C., Egyptians, along with traditional milking-by-hand, inserted wheat straws into cows' teats; suction was first used as a basis for the mechanized harvesting of milk in 1851, although the attempts were not altogether successful.

Around the 1890s, Alexander Shiels of Glasgow, Scotland, developed a pu...

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