Benefits of Verka Milk Powder on Health and Skin

Human beings as a species have a substitute for everything! If we don’t have tea, we have coffee; and if we don’t have milk, we have milk powder. But calling milk powder a substitute would be an understatement for sure since it has its own benefits! Some even say that it’s better than milk!  

It is hard for some people to start their day without a cup of tea or coffee and for those who love to travel a lot and are on the go, milk powder can be great option to make a blissful coffee or tea on the move!

Milk, if not boiled, can get spoiled; and for those who hardly stay at home and do not have enough time to carry out kitchen chores can be saved by milk powder! A cup of hot water and a spoon of milk powder is all you need to make yourself a healthy glass of milk!

Check out some Milk Powder skin & health benefits:

  1. Milk powder benefits on skinFor flawless and clear skin, Milk powder is an amazing ingredient to create home- made natural beauty products such as facemasks and face scrubs!

    DIY Face Scrub
    Walnut is a great skin exfoliator you cannot ask for more. But when you add milk powder to a walnut mixture or scrub it becomes even more effective on your skin. Keep this mask on your face for thirty minutes, then gently scrub it away. As a result, you have fairer and healthier skin.

    DIY Face Pack
    Honey is a natural skin cleanser and when mixed with milk powder, it turns out to be even more useful and amazing for your skin. You can also add saffron and a pinch of turmeric to this DIY facemask. It will hydrate your skin as well as make your skin glow.
  2. Good for Health
    For all the fitness freaks out there, pay attention to these amazing milk powder health benefits! Not only does it make your bones strong but also contains a fair amount of protein, is low on fat and is packed with nutrients! Protein
    According to recent studies, every individual has different requirements of protein. So, you never know how much protein you need unless you calculate it! Studies have shown that a glass of skimmed milk provides 14 % protein which is the bare minimum. Low in Fat
    People who take special care of their weight and try to cut down on the fat, this one is for you! For all those, who are trying to lose weight, skimmed milk powder is a perfect option; no fat and you get calcium too!

    Nutritional value of Milk Powder
    Skimmed milk contains potassium, carbohydrate, and calcium whereas whole milk contains fat and calories. Drinking skimmed milk on regular basis boosts your metabolism because of which your body can absorb more nutrients which whole milk cannot due to the excess fat in it. There are two types of Verka milk powder available in the market, skimmed milk and spray dried milk powder. You can buy both of them from your nearest Verka booth or confectionary shop. Discover our products here; you can buy them from the nearest Verka booth or from your nearby market.