Purchase Manuals

1. Federation:
Means the Milkfed & its field Offices/Units.

2. The words used in singular number also includes their plural.

3. Competent Authority:
Means the BOD /Managing Director, Milkfed (Pb.)/BOD/General Manager of Milk Unions/Mllkfed Units.

4. Purchase Committee
Where it is not possible to obtain competitive tenders /quotations or to lay down comprehensive & complete specifications or material is required in emergency, purchase may be made by the following purchase committee approved by the competent authority from time to time.

    For Purchases of upto Rs.1,00,000/-
    (i)  Representative from Purchase Section.
    (ii)  Representative from Accounts Section.
    (iii)  Representative from the End User department.
    However representative of each section will not be below the rank of Dy Manager or Officiating lncharge of the Section.

    For Purchases exceeding Rs. 1,00,000/- and upto Rs.5,00,000/--
    Purchase Committee shall comprise of the following :-
    (i)  MD of the Federation or his Nominee/G.M. of the Plant/Union
    (ii)  Nominee of RCS
    (iii) Manager/Dy Manager (Purchase)
    (iv) Manager/Dy Manager (Acctts.)
    (v)  Manager / Dy.Manager of End User Department.
    However quorum of the committee shall be minimum of three members and out of three RCS nominee or MD of the
    Federation or his Nominee/G.M. of the Plant/Union shall one of them.

    For Purchases exceeding Rs.5,00,000
    Purchase Committee shall comprise of the following:-
    (i)  Chairman of respective BOD (Chairman of the Committee)
    (ii) One Director of the respective BOD.
    (iii) Other members will remain the same as at (b) above.
    However quorum of the committee shall he minimum of four members but chairman/RCS nominee shall be one of them.

5. Risk Purchase :
Means purchase made at the risk, cost and responsibility of the defaulting supplier.

Means deductions imposed on the suppliers bill on account of delayed supplies or defective quality of material received.

7. Interest:
Means the interest at the bank rate prevailing at that time.

8. Union:
Means the District Cooperative Milk Producer's Union Limited.

9. Unit:
Means Plants owned by Milkfed (Pb.)

10. Sealed Cover:
Means properly closed cover / envelop.                    

Objectives Of Purchase Policy

The Milkfed (Pb.) purchase policy is to ensure that:
(a)  the material/equipment/ingredients are of right quality and quantity to meet the requirements of different Milk Unions/Milkfed Units.
(b)  a steady flow of material is maintained to match the production schedules of different Milk Unions.
(c)  suppliers of material are evaluated and enlisted on the basis of their ability to meet Mllkfed requirements.
(d)  purchased material shall be competitive in price and delivered on time.
(e)  as far as possible purchased material should help sustainable development.
(f)  E.0.0. in order to avoid blockage of funds and higher inventory carrying cost.
(g)  To endeavour to avoid multiplication, waste/obsolescence and undesirable stocks procuring.                                                      

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