Panjiri Health Benefits for New Mothers after Delivery

If you or someone you know has just had the joy of delivering a baby, there’s much more to worry about that losing weight and getting back into shape! Let’s all face the established fact, it’s the diet that helps regain the energy levels and passes the nutrients to the baby through the mother’s milk.

After delivering the baby, the body undergoes tremendous physical and hormonal changes. You will find yourself getting hungry a lot more than before, as your body is now working hard to produce nutritional mil...

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Packaged Indian Sweets Dishes, Kheer and Milk Products Online in India

Kheer is also referred to as sheer, a sweet milk pudding made with rice. As we all know that milk is good for health and also helps build up strong bones, therefore kheer is a perfect replacement for unhealthy sweets available at Indian sweets or bakery shops.

Kheer is prepared during festivals, in temples, and for all special occasions. It is such an endearing sweet dish that even the Ayurveda recommends it and considers it to be a happy food for good health.

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Celebrate Diwali with Verka Packaged Sweets

Preparing Sweets is one of the most important happenings before Diwali. Though there are many attractions for Diwali like crackers, new films, new seasons of clothing etc., tasting great Diwali sweets is always the prime attraction. Those days are gone when people used to prepare sweets a week before Diwali. We end up buying sweets from local sweet shops.

During Diwali days, mithai shops are all decked up with a variety of sweets. But, we don’t know what goes on behi...

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Easy Snack Recipes for Kids using Verka Cheese Singles

School going kids need to keep their energy levels high especially when they are participating in extra-curricular activities for long hours. When the turnaround time between school and after-school activities is tight, hunger affects both mood and performance. Here, mid-day snacks play an important role in fuelling their tummies. But, it is important to make smart choices in choosing the right one.

Snacks have a big chunk of calories and it is important for them to be on ...

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