Discover the Truth about Milk: Myths and Facts

Is milk good or bad for you? The question that creates confusion among most people and mostly stems from misconceptions. With the internet full of pros and cons of having milk there are so many myths about milk that keeps us away from a glass of milk full of calcium and vitamins.

Here are some milk myths and facts that will help you discover the truth about milk.

Myth: Raw Milk is healthier. Fact: Raw milk can pose serious health risks.Raw milk is unpasteurised and therefore contains harmful microorganisms that can pose seri...

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Vital Nutrient Food Sources for Kids

Motherhood comes with a lot of responsibilities as well as challenges that revolve around child’s nutrition, hygiene and sleep. These three factors are majorly responsible for the child’s growth especially for those falling under the age bracket of 8-14 years.

Every parent is advised by family, friends and doctors that their child should be having a ‘balanced and nutritious diet for stronger immune’. But, the question arises that what does a nutritious diet involve? To develop a stronger immune, here are s...

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Which Milk is best for Weight loss?

If you are working towards losing weight and getting in shape, it is important to make sure that you're burning more calories each day than you're taking in. As we all know that milk is an essential part of the daily diet but with a huge variety of milk available in the market, a lot of people tend to get confused in deciding which milk is better for weight loss. Unsweetened and non-fat milk can do wonders here and then there are several other options too. Let’s take a look at the best milk to drink to lose weight.

Soy Milk...

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Reasons why Cheese is good for you

Cheese is sometimes considered as a fattening and unhealthy dairy product. People often avoid having cheese, especially when on a diet. But, apart from having a great taste and high-fat content, there are many nutritional benefits of cheese for health. To know why cheese is good for you, take a look at some of the benefits listed below:

High in Calcium: Cheese is a rich source of calcium that helps keep the bones healthy and also prevents tooth enameling. Also, cheese helps produce saliva that restores the PH levels after having a ...

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