Is Pasteurized Milk safe during Pregnancy?

We all know that milk and milk products have nutritional value that is helpful for the growth of foetus and health of a pregnant woman. But, did you know that consuming raw milk during pregnancy can give way to dangerous microorganisms into your body, exposing you and your baby to several health risks?

Benefits of drinking milk during pregnancy

Provides calcium to bones that help to meet the mineral requirements of the baby Supplies protein that improves the blood supply and strengthens the uterus. Provides vitamin D that pr...

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Health Benefits of Drinking Lassi Everyday

These days, the market is loaded with ‘health drinks’ but hardly any of those does justice to what it claims. Lassi is only one such drink that other than being a healthy beverage, also serves as a perfect refreshing drink for people of all ages.

Lassi is an age-old Punjabi after meal beverage which is known for its numerous benefits such as aiding digestion, providing calcium and vitamin D and more. Let’s take a look at some of the health benefits of drinking lassi listed below.

Aids DigestionChurned out o...

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Are Supplements Good or Bad? Real Food vs. Dietary Supplements

Are supplements good or bad? This is something that you should pay close attention to. For quick results, people often look for short-cuts and turn to supplements such as powders, pills and shakes. They think that this is the best way for losing weight, recovering from an injury, gaining muscles, etc. If you compare real food vs supplements, real food is the better alternative than having supplements, here’s why:

Supplements often contain Fillers Supplement manufacturing companies often use fillers to reduce the production c...

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Cow Milk vs. Buffalo Milk- The Differences and Which one is Better for Babies

Do you keep getting advice from people on which milk is better and which isn’t? Milk is very high in nutrition, but when you have a choice, which one would you prefer cow milk or buffalo milk?

Take a look at the differences between cow and buffalo milk below and find out the right milk for yourself.

Fat:Fatty food stays in the stomach for a long time and hence takes time to get digested. The amount of fat present in both cow and buffalo milk is what makes the consistency of milk different. Cow’s milk has a low ...

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