Dahi: A Healthy Summer Food!

Dahi is a versatile food that can be enjoyed with steaming parantha in breakfast, lassi in lunch or with sabji in dinner. It is a staple food in most Indian households.

Apart from providing calcium and other nutrients, Dahi has a number of health benefits. Checkout some benefits listed below:

Improves Digestion:Curd has digestive properties, the nutrients present in curd are easily absorbed by human digestive system and curd also helps in absorbing nutrients from other foods that we eat. Curd has cooling effect therefore i...

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Nimbu Pani - India’s Favourite Thirst Quencher!

Nimbu Pani, a healthy and refreshing drink also known as Lemonade or Shikanji. On scorching summer days, Nimbu Pani should be added in our daily diet as it is considered a cooling and a refreshing beverage.

Here are some amazing health benefits of Nimbu Pani:

Hydrates Body:Nimbu Pani is an ideal beverage for summers as it replenishes our body salts, essential vitamins and minerals. We must drink Nimbu Pani whenever we feel thirsty; it is an excellent alternative to carbonated drinks!

Helps Lose Weight:Vitamin C in...

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Lassi: A Nutritious and Delicious Summer Drink!

Lassi is an age old Punjabi drink and is one of the most loved beverage not only in North India but across the whole country especially during summers. It is prepared from curd, churned into a creamy consistency by adding some water.Lassi is full of probiotics which makes it a beneficial drink for health. Apart from this, Lassi has many other benefits listed below:

Healthy Sumer DrinkLassi is a healthy summer drink that helps cooling the body temperature during hot summer days and cures prickly heat. Sweetened or unsweetened, Lass...

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Reasons to Include Milk in your Diet!

Milk is the best complete food termed ever. It has immense quantity of calcium, proteins, vitamins, minerals and little percentage of fats and carbohydrates. Milk is always welcomed by all age group for its goodness it shares.

If you are a vegetarian, Milk is definitely a complete source of protein. From muscles to hair, bones to teeth, the body needs protein to be healthy and strong. Verka Milk is a high-quality, high in protein and provides vegetarians with the full mix of essential amino acids your body needs.Checkout the heal...

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