Health Benefits of Skimmed Milk

Skimmed milk is a low-calorie and low-fat version of traditional full-fat milk. Many people hold this notion that nutrients of regular fat milk are withered-off from skimmed milk. But, this isn’t true as skim milk is prepared through the process of centrifugal separation where only fat molecules are extracted from the milk.

Is skim milk healthy?

Check out some health benefits of skimmed milk that will encourage you to have skim milk daily.

High in ProteinSkim Milk contains all nine amino acids that are beneficial in ma...

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Best and Worst Foods for Diabetics

Have you recently been diagnosed with diabetes? Wanting to know the best food to eat for diabetes? No doubt that the market is flooded with sugar-free food products for diabetes, but doesn’t mean you have to completely give up on eating good tasty food altogether.You can still enjoy having a wide range of delicious food but only when you know what food to avoid with diabetes and what to have.

Here we bring you the list of best and worst foods for diabetics that will help you to keep blood sugar level in the safe range witho...

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Easy and Healthy Summer Picnic Recipes

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  • May 29, 2019
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Summers are here and everyone is planning for their midyear vacations. One of the most fun activities that most families enjoy every summer vacation is going outdoors for picnics. Picnics offer a great time to meet loved ones, enjoy the weather, play games and food of course.

Here we bring some easy and healthy snacks and recipes that will serve as the best food for picnic basket:

SandwichSandwiches are the best options for picnic snacks as they can be made in advance and carried during travel with ease. While choosing the b...

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Healthy Food Items to include in your Summer Diet

The soaring temperature in summers outside raises the internal body temperature thus increasing the heart rate and making the blood vessels to expand. And, when this blood is pushed outside towards the body surface for cooling, the muscles, brain and other internal; organs are not supplied with enough of blood. This causes heat strokes, heat cramps, severe headaches, diarrhoea, vomiting and in extreme cases it may even lead to death. So drinking ample water is a must! Apart from that fluid with electrolytes should also be consumed dai...

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